Automotive and Surface Transportation Research Centre

We provide leading-edge research, technical and engineering services, and solutions to de-risk and validate technologies for clients in transportation and manufacturing sectors.

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Why work with us

We collaborate with industries from across the supply chain that are looking for research expertise, facilities and technologies to advance their manufacturing processes. We offer product development and de-risking for new technologies, and guide our clients in joining the global value chain in the transportation sector.

We also work with academia and government to research, discover, de-risk, develop and commercialize innovations in surface transportation and manufacturing excellence.

Services and information

Low-emission ground transportation

We help the ground transportation sector develop, test and integrate clean technologies and transition to net-zero

Climate resilience and safety in transportation

We help contribute to a more efficient, safe and connected Canadian transportation system

Digital and sustainable manufacturing

We support the ground transportation supply chain in becoming leaders in smart manufacturing

Circular economy and biodegradable materials

We work with industry to develop sustainable packaging solutions and green manufacturing technologies and products

Defence and security systems in transporation

We provide research and technical services to the Department of National Defence and the Canadian defence and security industry