Eureka is an international network for industrial research and development (R&D) collaboration that includes over 45 economies from Europe, Israel, South Korea, Argentina, Chile, Singapore and Canada. This unique and powerful platform has made it easier for Canadian small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to accelerate their growth through access to global value chains and collaboration with international partners.

The National Research Council of Canada (NRC) is Canada's National Office for Eureka and provides Canadian companies, researchers and academics with a first point of contact and access to the expansive global network.

Celebrating 10 years of Eureka success

Canada joined Eureka in 2012 and has since built a solid foundation of success, including more than:

participants in co‑innovation projects

international partners


$545M CAD
estimated project value

How to become involved in Eureka

Who can participate in Eureka projects?

With the goal of increasing competitiveness in world markets, Eureka brings together small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), large companies, research centres, universities, and other innovators from Eureka countries to work together on market-driven industrial research and development (R&D).

Interested Canadian participants must be National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP) clients. If you meet the following criteria, connect with NRC IRAP by calling 1-877-994-4727 to find out if your business is eligible for NRC IRAP support:

  • You are an incorporated, profit-oriented small or medium-sized business in Canada
  • You have 500 or fewer full-time equivalent employees
  • You plan to pursue growth and profit by developing and commercializing innovative, technology-driven new or improved products, services or processes in Canada

To assist us in undertaking preliminary due diligence of your firm to be considered for NRC IRAP support, please have available:

  • a business plan or pitch deck
  • a copy of your company financials
  • resumes or biographies for each member of the management team and technical team on staff

What are the benefits of participating in a Eureka project?

International R&D projects see a high quality of innovation, combining expertise, exchanging knowledge, enhancing resources and capabilities, and reducing risks. Eureka project participants get access to the support and services needed to help them collaborate and grow beyond Canada's borders. Some of the benefits include:

  • access to available funding to support co-innovation projects
  • matchmaking to help you find the right foreign partners based on your specific needs in order to help accelerate your R&D capabilities
  • expert advice and support in developing effective project consortiums to execute co-innovation projects and successfully commercialize technology
  • advancing your expansion into new markets and access to global value chains

How do I get my project funded?

Eureka simplifies the funding process by helping to cut through the "red tape" that can slow down industry-led projects involving multiple international participants. It does so by coordinating national financial support rather than trying to harmonize the funding rules of the member countries. Application processes and evaluations will be performed independently by each national funding body in accordance with their national and institutional laws and regulations.

Canadian SMEs approved for Eureka projects receive advisory services and funding support from NRC IRAP. NRC IRAP provides valuable support early on to Canadian companies, supporting them throughout their international collaboration journey, from co-innovation partner selection to project proposal development and execution. Other eligible Canadian organizations can participate on a self-funded basis.

How do I get started?

To view current Eureka calls for proposals and collaboration opportunities, visit the NRC IRAP International opportunities web page. For more information please contact Eric Holdrinet, NRC IRAP National Program Coordinator for Eureka at

Eureka success stories

Van Gogh's Irises being scanned by Arius Technology's 3D scanner

Adding dimension to art reproductions

Lindahl's first EUREKA project earned Arius the chance to apply its 3D scanning technology to reproduce art masterpieces.

The Norima Consulting management team

International collaboration opens doors to Canadian smart health innovations

Norima takes up the smart health open innovation challenge with the international Medolution ITEA 3 cluster project.

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Telephone: 514-882-9384

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