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A transport truck drives on a snowy highway.

- Ottawa, Ontario

Research Centre: Digital Technologies
Industry: Transportation
SDT Quantum CP magnet sensor static

- Ottawa, ON, Canada

Research Centre: Quantum and Nanotechnologies, Clean Energy Innovation, Emerging Technologies
Industry: Digital Industries, Clean Technologies
"Ammonia shows promise as fuel for hard-to-decarbonize sectors"

- Ottawa, Ontario

Research Centre: Clean Energy Innovation
Industry: Energy and natural resources, Transportation

- Ottawa, Ontario

Research Centre: Aerospace
Industry: Aerospace

- Ottawa, Ontario

Research Centre: Quantum and Nanotechnologies
Industry: Quantum Technologies, Space sciences
Robotic arm working on aluminum sheet metal.

- Montreal,

Research Centre: Automotive and Surface Transportation
Industry: Advanced Manufacturing

- Ottawa, Ontario

Research Centre: Human Health Therapeutics
Industry: Health and Bio-sciences
Doctor with  a tablet looking at a brain scan

- Ottawa, Ontario

Research Centre: Digital Technologies, Quantum and Nanotechnologies
Industry: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Health and Bio-sciences

- Boucherville, Quebec

Research Centre: Automotive and Surface Transportation
Industry: Automotive Manufacturing, Automotive

- Ottawa, Ontario

Research Centre: Ocean, Coastal and River Engineering
Industry: Water and Wastewater Technologies