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- Calgary, Alberta

Attabotics Inc. is a 3D robotics supply chain company that develops and commercializes warehouse automation solutions. Inspired by ant colonies, Attabotics replaces rows and aisles of traditional fulfillment centres with a patented storage structure and robotics, reducing its customers' warehouse space by up to 85%. The company began working with the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP) in 2016, at a time when it was developing first prototypes of its automated storage and retrieval robotics system (AS/AR), and 3D robotic shuttles. With support from industrial technology advisor (ITA) Gordon Jolly, NRC IRAP helped the firm find the technical skill needed to build its first robot and develop a unique hardware and software system.

In 2018, Attabotics started working with ITA Arvinder Kainth, who supported the firm to develop and implement a manufacturing process for its commercial AS/AR systems. Arvinder also supported the firm's transformative "fulfilment centre-in-a-box" system development. Today, the Attabotics 3D robotics storage and retrieval system has been adopted by major brands like Nordstrom and retailers across food and beverage, apparel, home goods, and more. Attabotics has been recognized by TIME's Best Inventions and was named one of the top 10 most innovative logistics companies of 2020. The company's headquarters remain in Calgary, Alberta and has grown to over 300 employees with fulfillment centres across North America.

"We're so thankful for the diligent and experienced guidance of NRC IRAP, and its industrial technology advisors. We have an exciting road ahead of us and we look forward to working with the IRAP team as we continue to excel in the growing inventory management industry."

Brad Simpson, VP, Corporate Development, Attabotics.

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