Prestigious Electrochemical Society (ECS) elects Dr. Bock VP

- Ottawa, Ontario

Dr. Christina Bock was elected in May for a three-year term as Vice President (VP) of the prestigious international Electrochemical Society (ECS). Immediately following the completion of her term as VP, she will move into the role of President for one year. With more than 8,000 members from more than 70 countries, ECS disseminates scientific research on solid-state and electrochemical technology. Notable members include Thomas Edison, Gordon Moore, Herbert Dow, and many others.

In the more than 110-year history of ECS, Christina is just the third Canadian to serve as VP/President. She was the first Canadian and first woman to serve as Treasurer (2010-2014), and along with colleague Johna Leddy, initiated the annual ECS Electrochemical Energy Summit (E2S) to connect researchers and policymakers exploring sustainable solutions to global issues concerning energy, food, water, and health.

Since then, the E2S summit has evolved around topics such as energy storage and renewables, greenhouse gas emissions, and the energy-water nexus carried out jointly with the Gates Foundation, which used the forum to fund research projects proposed by summit participants.

Christina is excited to be in her new role. “I’m proud to serve ECS and to represent NRC. I believe the activities of ECS are strongly aligned with NRC’s, and that my involvement with ECS will benefit NRC through expanded technical knowledge and stronger connections with leaders from industry, government, and academia,” she says.

In fact, ECS holds numerous technical symposiums and meetings directly related to many of NRC’s projects and goals, including activities featuring energy conversion, energy storage, and fuel cells. Christina emphasizes that she is committed to fostering industry involvement with ECS, bringing new topics to the society’s programs, and maintaining the high quality of the society’s journal, which offers open access publishing of peer-reviewed articles.

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