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New energy storage technology selection tool: ES-Select™ Canada

- Ottawa, Ontario

Finding the right energy storage application for an electrical grid is a complex decision, due to the wide variety of technology choices and diverse applications along the electricity value chain. In this emerging sector, tools are required for evaluation and techno-economic analysis of grid-scale storage projects

In the U.S., an analytical tool called ES-Select™ was created by DNV-GL (formerly KEMA) in collaboration with Sandia National Labs, and licensed for public use.

However, U.S. electric utility and market data are not directly transferable to Canada’s electricity markets. Therefore, in response to industry need, NRC worked with the development team at DNV-GL to adapt ES-Select™ for Canadian markets and create a version of the tool that could be licensed through NRC for public use.

What ES-Select™ Canada will do for you

Currently in beta testing , the ES-Select™ Canada tool allows users to compare and rank feasible technologies in selected Canadian jurisdictions for a range of grid services , at any given location on the electricity grid.

The tool will allow users to screen technologies by calculating financial outputs that include cash flow, cumulative costs and benefits, and net present values. It can then be used to generate a variety of plots and charts for comparing technology options and final rankings based on total feasibility scores.

Drawing on a Canadian database, the tool can perform specific evaluations for grid locations in Alberta, BC and Ontario, and provide average values for any other location in Canada.

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