The Nest Network

- Ottawa, Ontario

The NSERC Energy Storage Technology Network is under development

Collaboration in the Canadian energy storage R&D space is about to reach a new level: 32 leading academic researchers from 14 Canadian institutions and 14 partner organizations have come together to help industry solve their greatest challenges – faster.

The proposed NSERC Energy Storage Technology Network (NEST Network), led by Ryerson University, will work collaboratively to address four thematic challenges currently facing the energy storage sector: Technologies, Power Electronics, System Integration and Macro-Economics.

If approved, the new NEST Network will bring together these leading academic, industry, utility and government stakeholders to share ideas, resources and expertise to drive innovation and commercialization. Together, they will remove barriers to the widespread deployment of energy storage technologies and help create a more reliable, environmentally responsible and efficient power system.

NEST will focus on the most challenging issues faced by industry and the key technologies that offer the greatest opportunity to reach market maturity in Canada within 5 years: batteries, flywheels, CAES and thermal storage.

NRC is committed to supporting the NEST Network in an advisory role and as a technical collaborator. We look forward to the approval of the NEST Network in June 2015.

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