Marie-Ève Lalonde

- Montreal, Quebec

Marie-Ève Lalonde

After earning her PhD at Laval University in 2014, Marie-Ève Lalonde accepted a post-doctoral position at an academic lab in Montréal, "But I didn't really enjoy it," she says. "I wanted something with more immediate impact."

She soon landed a post-doctoral opportunity at the NRC's Human Health Therapeutics Research Centre and was accepted into the NRC's new post-doctoral program.

"I love it here. There are so many resources and so many experts ready to support you that you feel anything is possible."

Marie-Ève's focus was identifying therapeutic targets for certain cancers, including a collaborative project with Montréal's Sainte-Justine University Hospital Center for mothers and children to identify targets associated with childhood leukemia.

She is inspired by the fact that her work may have valuable impacts on the lives and healing of patients. In addition, her two daughters also inspire her to appreciate the little things in life.