Khalid Fatih chairs new Canadian committee for battery standards

- Ottawa, Ontario

From alternative energy, to electric vehicles and portable power tools, batteries are critical to industry, and to our everyday lives, across Canada and around the world. But as our usage of batteries evolves, from new uses for nickel metal hydride to our ever expanding need for lithium ion cells in portable devices, our regulation must keep pace to ensure that new products and new usage are safe for consumers – in Canada and around the world.

The Standards Council of Canada ( SCC ) has a committee to oversee codes and standards for batteries, and specifically, a sub-committee to look at the growing use of batteries with alkaline or other non-acid electrolytes. The Committee will review and develop technical requirements ensure the continued safe use of batteries in Canada, in particular the safe transportation of primary and secondary lithium cells and batteries. The Committee will also maintain alignment with the International Electrotechnical Commission ( IEC ), to enable Canadian manufacturers to develop products that can be safely sold and used around the world.

Congratulations to NRC's Khalid Fatih, Senior Research Officer with the Energy Storage for Grid Security and Modernization Program, who has recently been named Committee Chair.

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