Injecting innovation into fuel nozzle manufacturing

- Ottawa, Ontario

Experts from the National Research Council of Canada helped Siemens overcome the challenges of assembling additively manufactured fuel nozzles.

Fuel injectors play a key role in aero-derived industrial engines, but manufacturing these multi-part components is labour intensive and has a high rate of rejection. Siemens Canada approached the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) with a concept for a highly integrated additive manufacturing fuel nozzle with far fewer parts than traditional nozzles. This innovative new concept had the potential to make the manufacturing more efficient, but did not yet meet the tolerances needed for the rigours of air travel.

The NRC's cross-disciplinary team of experts supported Siemens' development of fuel injector manufacturing processes and their functional validation. Using NRC experimental laboratories, the precision of the nozzle's 5-axes manufacturing process was improved, and a technique for welding dissimilar materials and forms was devised. These innovations helped take the nozzle from the concept stage to the early stages of production.

The NRC also conducted crucial validation tests to prove functionality and component life, so that Siemens could confidently introduce the new additively manufactured parts into service.

Siemens Canada views the NRC as a strategic partner in terms of manufacturing and testing, especially for our combustion development.

Gianni Panfili, Additive Manufacturing Manager, Siemens Canada

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