Helping make the Nano community a bit WISER

- Edmonton, Alberta

Carissa Ouellette and Andrew Myles representing the Nanotechnology Research Centre at the WISER Industry Mixer in Edmonton on November 21, 2019.

Two Nanotechnology Research Centre employees – Andrew Myles, Director of R&D, and Carissa Ouellette, Technical Officer – attended and hosted a booth at the WISER (Women in Science, Engineering & Research) Industry Mixer 2019 event in Edmonton on November 21. The event brought together science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) professionals from industry and government and was hosted by WISER, an organization that supports the retention and advancement of everyone in STEM careers.

"This event was an excellent opportunity to present the Nanotechnology Research Centre to up-and-coming talent in STEM fields," Carissa Ouellette said. "It was exciting to see how much interest there was in nanotechnology, yet how elusive the field seems to many people. I thoroughly enjoyed sharing my experiences in getting hired for and working at the NRC. The networkers had many diverse questions to ask from a widespread set of disciplines. It was rewarding to see the excitement in peoples' eyes after discussing the vast array of possibilities in the world of Nano."

"I was also fortunate to meet and make acquaintance with the organizers of the WISER event, and representatives from the community. I hope to find some volunteer opportunities to further expand my network and give back to this competent, insightful, and inspiring community."

Andrew Myles was equally impressed with the event stating, "It was truly inspirational to see so many young scientists and engineers focussed on building a more diverse and inclusive community. The WISER event allowed us to network with organizations that will help inform young female scientists and engineers of what we do at the NRC and how they can get involved. I now have an excellent platform with which to advertise positions directly to women interested in pursuing careers in science and engineering."

The Nanotechnology Research Centre has been enriching the women in STEM community through the University of Alberta's WISER and WISEST mentorship programs every year since 2015, while actively participating in community events.

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