Cancelled CCMC Evaluations


- Ottawa, Ontario

Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CCMC) evaluations that were cancelled in fiscal year 2018 to 2019.

Evaluation number CCMC Evaluation
13369-R Moderne Slate (Roofing Shingles)
Tire Recycling Atlantic Canada Corporation
13467-R WALLTITE® v.2 – Air Barrier System
BASF Canada Inc. o/a BASF Canada
13498-L RoofRite
International Bildrite, Inc.
13528-L Foamsulate™; Thermsulate; UroSeal 2000
Accella Polyurethane Systems Canada, Inc.
13141-L InsulSafe XC, TrueComfort
CertainTeed Corporation
13282-R Ecobase
Epro Services, Inc.
13564-R HomeGuard HP Plus HouseWrap (Air Barrier Material)
Epak Inc.
13583-R Foamsulate-Eco – Air Barrier System
Accella Polyurethane Systems Canada, Inc.
14000-L Sarnatherm Insulation
Sika Canada Inc.
13596-L Roofing Membranes, S327
Sika Canada Inc.
13599-R Mastermax Extra
Masterplast Kft
13618-R REX™ Wrap Fortis
Alpha ProTech
14010-R JM Corbond® oc
Johns Manville
12862-R Simpson Strong-Tie Top Mount Hangers (LT; MIT; HIT; LBV; W; WI; WP; WPI; HWI; SCL)
Simpson Strong-Tie Canada, Limited
12863-R Face Mount Connectors LF
Simpson Strong-Tie Canada, Limited
13651-L Proline/Starters/Bliss
Tarkett Inc.
13652-L Fresh Start/Contempo
Tarkett Inc.
13653-L CustomPro
Tarkett Inc.
13085-R Decra® Shingle
Decra Roofing Systems, Inc.
13684-R Icynene Classic Plus™ (LD-C-70)
Icynene Inc.
12118-R Open Joist 2000®; Solive ajourée 2000™
Open Joist, Solive Ajourée 2000 Inc. (Solamco Inc.)
13120-R Sto Guard® – Air Barrier Material
Sto Corp.
13612-R StoGuard® (w/ Sto Gold Coat® and Sto Gold Fill®) – sheathing membrane
Sto Corp.
13176-R CDX
Dörken Systems Inc.
12694-R IBS 2000®; IBS 3000®
Kenkéknem Manufacturing Inc.
13545-L Insulthane® 200 & EcoloFoam 200
Elastochem Specialty Chemicals Inc.
14002-L Pinnacle EcoTite 2.0
Elastochem Specialty Chemicals Inc.
13269-L CA-2; CA-3; CA-84; ; CA-108 Adjustable Columns
The Akron Products Company
13258-R Gerard Tile, Stormtile, Gerard Canyon Shake, Gerard Barrel Vault, Gerard NB Tile
Gerard Roofing Technologies
13260-R Gerard Shingle, Guardian Shingle and Granite Ridge Shingle
Gerard Roofing Technologies
12972-R Système Cali
Les Conceptions Acoustiques Lefebvre Inc.
12980-R Isoclad®
Isolofoam Group Inc.
13470-R PWI Joists
Pacific Woodtech Corporation
13066-R Gold Fold; Gold Guard
Plymouth Foam Inc.
13084-R Ceraclad Fibre Cement Rain Screen System
13571-R DMX Drain 5M (Dampproofing)
DMX Membranes Limited
13201-R Leak-Bye
Leak-Bye Incorporated

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