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We cultivate nanoscience platforms that lead to revolutionary technologies and applications to impact human health, the environment and technology.

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World's first open-source transmission electron microscope


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Why work with us

We provide advanced research and comprehensive technical services to our clients thanks to our multidisciplinary expertise encompassing nanobiology, optoelectronics, nano/microfabrication and specialized chemical synthesis. Our state-of-the-art nanoscale imaging capabilities feature one-of-a-kind instrumentation, enabling experiments unavailable in commercial units. Our modern instrumentation is available for clients and collaborators to use. Alternatively, our qualified and experienced staff can carry out tests on your behalf.

Services and information

Detection and automation

Expertise in micro and nano sensing device fabrication, electronic signal routing, optoelectronic and optomechanical signal readout and data analysis

Developmental and analytical microscopy

Expertise in electron, ion and scanning probe microscopy with the ability to design, build and modify microscopes

Nanomaterial depositions and characterizations

Expertise in depositing and advancing inorganic nanomaterials and methods for their characterization

Biomedical nanotechnologies

Expertise in the design, synthesis and testing of nanomaterials for the ability to manipulate biological systems

Nanotechnology, microscopy and fabrication

Accelerating R&D to help you achieve your goals