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We are accelerating the development of innovative biologics in Canada, from discovery through clinical trials.

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Designing, developing and producing innovative biologics in Canada

Biologics are vaccines and therapeutics derived from living organisms or from their cells and are produced using advanced biotechnology processes. With our multidisciplinary expertise, we design, develop and test novel biologics to treat Canadians and to prevent them from getting sick in the first place.

Innovative biologics

We develop biologics for complex health challenges, such as emerging infections, cancer and neurological diseases


We use our expertise to improve the production process for complex biologics

Cell and gene therapies

We collaborate to advance personalized and off-the-shelf biologics, such as cell and gene therapies

Multidisciplinary expertise in biologics development

With one of the largest research and development teams dedicated to biologics development in Canada, we collaborate with industry, hospitals, health networks, academia and government to advance novel biologics. Our technical expertise, advisory services and leading-edge facilities span the biologics development process—from discovery to clinical material production.


Generate high-potential candidates with our proprietary cell lines, multifunctional antibodies, vectors and adjuvants

Preclinical R&D

Evaluate biologic candidates with our small-scale manufacturing capabilities and in vivo and in vitro testing expertise

Bioprocess R&D

Improve bioprocesses with our expertise and R&D labs for in-process scale-up, analytics, modelling and intensification

Production of clinical trial material

Optimize bioprocesses in compliance with good manufacturing practices (GMP) and produce biologics at clinical scale in our specialized facility