Construction Research Centre

We provide a technology development and deployment business environment focused on the construction sector. Our unique facilities also support other sectors such as aerospace, transportation, and information and communications technology.

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Our R&D expertise supports industry in key areas including building envelope and materials, civil engineering and infrastructure, intelligent building operations, human-building interaction, building information management, carbon accounting, life cycle assessment and fire safety. We work with industry to develop new products and services, and provide impartial information to governments, standards organizations and code development committees.

We support market access and the uptake of construction technologies through demonstration and validation in large‑scale pilots, focused strategic research and development, and flexible business arrangements.

Initiatives and services

Our research on climate resilient buildings and infrastructure

Developing guidance, tools and standards to support climate resilience in buildings and infrastructure

Platform to Decarbonize the Construction Sector at Scale

Supporting low carbon construction solutions and the digitalization of construction sector practices through 2 Challenge programs

Infrastructure expertise

Expertise in infrastructure that supports testing and development of high-performance materials and innovative structural systems

Codes Canada

Providing technical, administrative and policy support to Canada's harmonized code development system

Canadian Construction Materials Centre

Assessing compliance with Canadian building, energy and safety codes

Canadian National Master Construction Specification

Model design and construction specifications for buildings and infrastructure

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