Aquatic and Crop Resource Development Research Centre

We perform advanced scientific research and provide research services and technology development for the sustainable transformation of Canadian bio-based resources into higher-value products.

Services and information

Technology licensing

Delivering market-ready bio-based products may require additional technologies, process methodologies, genes, or libraries of natural compounds. We extend licensing opportunities for varied applications and geographical regions. Contact our business experts to discuss your needs and find out how partnership with the NRC may accelerate your time to market.

Why work with us

We collaborate with industry, academia and government partners to develop and transform agricultural and marine bioresources into food, feed and ingredients, and other high value bioproducts.

The services we offer include:

  • Collaborative research opportunities
  • Access to expert researchers and technicians
  • Scientific advice and technical services
  • Projects tailored to your needs using our specialized facilities
  • Research and development support

Our goal is to help strengthen the economy by growing global markets for Canadian industry.