Propeller-induced noise and vibration project

The noise and vibration from ship propellers have an impact on marine environments and on marine animals that use their hearing ability to survive, as well as on seafarers' health. Accurately estimating propeller-induced noise and vibration is key in achieving silent ship-propeller configuration, which can also improve the performance of commercial, naval, fishing and research ships. This project, started in 2019, aims to develop a prediction model for non-cavitating, propeller-induced noise and ship hull vibration characteristics.


  • Develop a methodology, based on physical and numerical techniques and their implementations, to better predict and characterize propeller-induced noise and ship vibration.


  • An engineering tool to predict the on-board and far-field noise and on-board vibration parameters of a ship induced by the propellers, based on specific geometric and operational factors.


Project team

Contact us

Allison Kennedy, Research Officer,
Ocean, Coastal and River Engineering Research Centre, NRC
Telephone: 709-631-8569

Dr. Jonathan Power, Senior Research Officer,
Ocean, Coastal and River Engineering Research Centre
Telephone: 709-772-8430

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