Advanced Clean Energy program

For Canada to meet its 2030 emissions reduction targets of 40 to 45% and achieve net‑zero emissions by 2050, focussed research is required to develop clean energy technologies and bring them from the lab to the market. The National Research Council of Canada's (NRC) Advanced Clean Energy program was developed to support the transition to a low‑carbon economy with the priorities of both the Government of Canada and Canadian industry in mind.

The Advanced Clean Energy program will accelerate the development of clean, renewable fuels, and energy storage materials and devices that will facilitate the transition to low‑ and zero‑carbon fuel and the electrification of our energy supply, across all sectors. To accomplish this, the program's activities are focussed on the following 3 pillars:

  1. Battery energy storage - Enable electrification in both power generation and end‑use across multiple sectors.
  2. Low‑carbon fuels - Facilitate fuel switching across multiple sectors using low‑carbon fuels produced from waste and negative‑value feedstocks.
  3. Hydrogen - Advanced technologies for the production of a new generation of zero‑carbon fuels and applications.


Drawing on extensive experience in clean energy technology development related to energy storage and bioenergy as well as knowledge of adjacent transportation, aviation, construction and energy markets, we offer clients access to world‑class competencies and unique and specialized facilities conveniently located at NRC sites across the country.

Collaborate with us

Collaborate with us on strategic research projects to help de‑risk your innovative ideas, reduce your start‑up costs and accelerate your commercial development timelines.

The NRC brings a unique multidisciplinary perspective to industry challenges around both waste‑to‑fuel conversion and utilization.

By delivering to clearly defined cost and technical performance outcomes, our research, analysis and demonstration activities will increase business revenue and market opportunities for technology developers and suppliers while reducing renewable fuels and energy‑generation costs.

Industry players along the entire value chain can benefit from the NRC's experience with market access organizations, our relationships with industry, and our reputation as objective technical experts. Our unique technology risk‑management capabilities help companies develop and maintain a globally competitive position, support quality improvements and reduce the capital, operating and end‑user costs of their operations.

Image gallery

The NRC biorefinery pilot plant in Montreal, QC

Hydrogen fuel cell experiment at NRC Vancouver.

Battery performance and safety evaluation research facility.

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Jennifer Littlejohns, Program Director, Advanced Clean Energy
Telephone: 343‑549‑2645

Elena Di Francesco, ing., MBA, Business Development Director (acting)
Telephone: 514-496-5297

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