Canadian Environment Week 2021


NRC leading environmental research

Climate change will drastically increase the severity of many of the world's most pressing environmental issues. At the National Research Council of Canada, we are committed to fighting climate change and addressing major Canadian and international environmental challenges. Environmental research and development in climate change adaptation and mitigation, and environmental protection and clean technologies are priorities for the NRC. Every year, our scientists publish over 100 peer-reviewed articles related to the environment and climate change. Find out more about some of our clean tech innovations on this page.

Announcing 3 new clean tech programs

Advanced Clean Energy program

To accelerate the development of clean, renewable fuels and energy storage materials to help the transition to low- and zero-carbon fuel.

Clean and Efficient-energy Transportation program

Supports the advancement of clean, energy-efficient transportation technologies for a zero-emissions future.

Low-emission Aviation program

Supports the decarbonization of the aviation sector by providing clean technologies and tools for low-emission aircraft.

NRC environmental research and clean technology success stories

Success stories

Our focus is on the deployment of clean technologies in Canadian businesses and communities.

NRC environmental research through the years

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