Technical and advisory services

Our technical services help small and large enterprises overcome workforce constraints and limited resources, accelerating design cycles and helping to identify product performance limits. We have experienced professionals on site to help our clients solve immediate technical problems associated with the transfer, adoption and diffusion of technology. Our specialized services range from testing and certifications to calibration, prototyping, demonstrations, scale-up and consulting.

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The NRC is committed to supporting our clients and collaborators with testing and technical services based on our unique research expertise and infrastructure. The NRC is equally committed to acting diligently to avoid knowingly engaging in routine testing services that may be delivered through Canadian private-sector laboratories offering such services. The NRC will endeavour to refer clients to Canadian private-sector labs when appropriate and will explore opportunities to license/transfer testing methodologies to Canadian private-sector service providers as circumstances warrant.

Research Centre: Quantum and Nanotechnologies
Topic: Computer systems, Electronics, Epitaxy, Semiconductors, Prototyping
With years of industry-based experience and state of the art facilities, CPFC experts have the ability to deliver foundry solutions for early-stage prototyping and small-to-medium volume production runs of photonic devices and photonic integrated circuits, in either III-V compound semiconductor or silicon-based materials. CPFC staff has a clear understanding of current photonic technologies and product applications as well as industry standard, commercial manufacturing processes. By outsourcing to CPFC, customers reduce development time and reduce costs by not operating a dedicated internal fabrication facility.CPFC offers a comprehensive suite of fee-based services including design and modelling, epitaxy, fabrication, and test and characterization. Our services range in complexity from feasibility studies to single-step foundry deliverables to complete custom solutions. We also provide nanoimprint lithography and consulting services.