Printed Electronics prototyping service


Technical service highlights

NRC and CMC Microsystems have developed a service for integrating printable electronics manufacturing technologies into standardized project requirements for quick turn-around and cost-effective prototyping.

Clients and partners start with our easy-to-use design guidelines that define materials, features and tolerances to enable printable prototypes of simple circuit design components on thin flexible substrates.

This service delivers new manufacturing alternatives to satisfy the ever-increasing demand for low cost, highly scalable, flexible and intelligent product solutions.

What we offer


NRC and CMC Microsystems offer state-of-the-art equipment and facilities to deliver printed prototypes quickly and easily from client-designed CAD files.

Free, easy to use design guidelines specify standardized requirements for building applications.

NRC prototype printers feature:

  • flexible and transparent PET substrate
  • 2 conductive silver ink layers
  • carbon based resistive layer
  • printed organic electronic Thin Film Transistor (TFT)
  • top gate configuration for TFTs
  • dielectric layer for capacitors
  • spiral inductors support
  • flexible conductors


  • sensors
  • consumer electronics
  • wearables
  • touch panels and flexible circuits

Why work with us

With more than a decade of materials and process development expertise and an investment of over $56M, NRC's Printable Electronics initiative represents industry-leading technical capabilities that push the boundaries of next generation, low cost, high volume electronics manufacturing.

In partnership with CMC Microsystems, NRC provides engineering support, design rule checking, and National Design Network user community collaborations.

CMC Microsystems engineering support

National Design Network facilities are operated, maintained and managed by CMC Microsystems, a federally incorporated not-for-profit corporation. These facilities provide access to the world's best design tools, manufacturing technologies, nanofabrication laboratory equipment, measurement instruments and engineering support.

CMC works with partners to assist scaling from promising prototypes to larger scale developments.

User Communities: Canada's National Design Network

The National Design Network includes stakeholders in academia, industry, governments and intermediary organizations across Canada and internationally. By enabling excellent research with a strong focus on prototyping novel, complex microsystems, the Network enhances the competitiveness of academic researchers and Canadian industry.

Contact us

If you're interested in developing solutions or applications based on printable electronics, or accessing our innovative materials, equipment and processes, contact:

Mohammad Salahuddin, Client Relationship Leader
Telephone: 613-291-3989

If you're interested in accessing the Printable Electronics Prototyping Service, contact:

CMC Microsystems
Ray Filteau
Telephone: 613-530-4789
Web: CMC Microsystems web site