Infrastructure expertise and technology assessment

Technical service highlights

Despite the high volume of vehicles present on Canadian roadways, one-third of Canada's highway bridges have some structural or functional deficiencies and a short remaining service life. Responding to these needs, NRC's expertise in critical infrastructure helps industry test high-performance materials and innovative structural systems that extend service life and develop more reliable condition assessment. NRC can further offer technical expertise and experience throughout the process, working alongside our clients to help ensure the greatest return on the investment possible.

What we offer

As a leader in developing technologies in concrete infrastructure, NRC is bringing together multi-disciplinary technical competencies and services to address and develop new research and innovation activities and linkages that Canadian industry requires to succeed. We bring a proven track record in multiple fields.

Specific areas of expertise

  • Evaluation and development of high performance concrete and composite materials
  • Corrosion and crack detection and prevention
  • Extreme shock protection systems
  • Structural health monitoring services
  • Smart sensing and decision making expertise
  • Structural and material evaluations

Why work with us

For over 65 years, NRC has been providing a competitive advantage to the Canadian construction industry. Our world-class research facilities, combined with our expertise and customized technical and advisory services, make us an important resource for construction innovation.

Our services in concrete infrastructure help reduce the costs of the rehabilitation and reconstruction of Canada's infrastructures, increase their service life and generate new revenue for collaborating firms.

Partners will benefit from:

  • A venue where firms can collaborate and experience significant leverage on their own R&D investment, translating into larger gains and faster progress with less investment;
  • Opportunities and connections between Canadian companies at all levels of the supply chain and critical infrastructure owners for faster deployment of technologies;
  • Impartial performance evaluation and validation of innovative solutions;
  • Access to all of NRC's world-class research infrastructure, unique expertise and customizes service options;
  • Working within a multi-partner network that can result in stronger industry relationships with other leading organizations and future business.


We offer specialized services at competitive rates, which include the support of scientific and technical experts and a full range of analytical capabilities. We also offer the opportunity for collaboration and/or for our partners to co-locate with us. Contact us to take advantage of our Canada-wide networking, research and development, as well as business development opportunities.

Contact us

Contact us to discuss how NRC can help fulfill your research and technology needs through our fee-for-service testing, consulting, collaborative research agreements and licensing arrangements.

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