Implantable devices


The NRC's Medical Devices Research Centre team develops advanced implantable devices that combine innovative biocompatible materials with design, modelling fabrication, and testing expertise.

We understand that developing new, innovative, implantable devices for the healthcare sector and bringing it to market can be a challenging and costly endeavour. We can reduce the time and cost to get your concepts into the marketplace.


Our expertise and facilities focus on the development and characterization of:

  • metals, polymers, ceramics, and their composites
  • dense and porous structures, powders, fibres, and films
  • surface treatments and coatings

We can work with your company on the development, design and testing of:

  • biomaterials and scaffolds (e.g. bone substitutes)
  • implants and devices (orthopedic, dental, cardiovascular)


Drawing from our 15 years of experience in biomedical material research and technology, the NRC offers you access to state-of-the-art laboratory and production-scale equipment that can bring your ideas from proof-of-concept to prototype, then through testing and validation.

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