Human-computer interaction


Technical service highlights

We collaborate with industry and government to improve the way humans interact with computers, or with other humans through computers. Our expertise includes the safety, performance, and overall user experience of systems involving digital technologies such as computers and mobile devices.

We also conduct foundational research, independently or in collaboration with academia, to explore new ways of using digital technologies to improve the performance and safety of human‑machine systems while advancing the science that underlies them.

What we offer

Based within the NRC's Digital Technologies Research Centre, the team's core competencies include:

  • establishment of user and system requirements
  • workflow analysis
  • user interface design
  • user experience
  • usability testing
  • prototype evaluation
  • technology adoption research
  • virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (XR)
  • psychology and cognition

We apply our expertise to:

  • learning systems: massive open online course systems (MOOCS) and personal learning environments
  • adaptive training simulators: marine navigation for the Navy
  • workforce management: Treasury Board candidate recommendation system

Why work with us

Our team of multidisciplinary experts based in NRC locations across Canada can provide valuable advice and help you develop new technologies to optimize human‑computer interaction in your learning systems, training simulators, and workforce management tools.

Team members

  • Luc Belliveau
  • Scott Buchanan
  • Stephen Downes
  • Bruno Emond
  • Hélène Fournier

Selected patents