Flight test and evaluation

Why work with us

The NRC is a well-established flight testing centre with decades of experience and a proven ability to partner with industry on research and technology needs. We offer a number of technical services that include fee-for-service testing, calibration and consulting support. In addition, the NRC maintains a wide range of research facilities, including a fleet of nine highly specialized and customizable research aircraft to assist industry with the testing and demonstration of aeronautical technologies.

Technical services

Through our multidisciplinary expertise that includes research pilots, technical experts and engineers, we support Canadian avionics manufacturers on advanced technologies that will be used in next generation aircraft and modern helicopter cockpits. Our technical services include:

  • airborne ISR (EO/IR, W- and X-band radar, lidar);
  • hyperspectral, thermal and magnetic imaging;
  • airborne icing research;
  • alternative fuels testing and contrails emission sampling;
  • wake vortex encounters;
  • pilot training for upset recovery and variable stability rotorcraft operation;
  • autonomy and UAV technologies (SAA, BVLOS, GPS-denied);
  • zero gravity and moon/mars gravity experiment;
  • aircraft interiors and human interactions.

Contact us to discuss your options and develop a customized plan to fit your research and technology needs.

Contact us

To discuss your project or find out more about how we can support your business, contact:

Jun Sun, Client Relationship
Telephone: 613-998-6835
Email: Jun.Sun@nrc-cnrc.gc.ca

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