Cryptography and quantum computing

Technical service highlights

We work on the design, development and implementation of innovative cryptographic solutions for data security and privacy, as well as on quantum computing, simulation and algorithms. We explore potential advantages of new computing paradigms and collaborate with academia, industry and government on research and development projects.

What we offer

Based within the NRC's Digital Technologies Research Centre, the team's core competencies include:

  • cryptography: classical, quantum and post-quantum cryptography, as well as design, development, implementation and analysis of cryptographic primitives, algorithms and protocols
  • quantum computing: quantum simulation, algorithms and software; quantum/computational chemistry
  • applications: secure and privacy-preserving systems and technologies, quantum-secure communication, biometric authentication, optimization, machine learning, modelling and simulation of physical systems

We apply our expertise to a variety of collaborative projects, such as developing:

  • quantum secure cryptographic primitives with applications to vehicle-to-vehicle networks and blockchain
  • privacy-preserving tools for data analytics, record linkage, anomaly detection and online education
  • quantum circuit simulation frameworks and algorithms with applications to physical systems

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Koray Karabina
Team Leader, Cryptography and Quantum Computing