Computer vision and graphics

Technical service highlights

The NRC's Computer Vision and Graphics team conducts applied research in 3‑dimensional (3D) imaging, including design of 3D imaging systems, data analytics, machine learning, big data visualization, and data-driven simulation. Our partners in the manufacturing, aerospace, security and medical industries benefit from our 3D imaging expertise in their inspection, learning, safety, process and quality control activities.

What we offer

Housed within the NRC's Digital Technologies Research Centre, the team's core competencies include:

  • design of imaging systems
    • calibration, characterization, and 3D metrology
    • laser triangulation
    • optical tomography
    • passive stereo and photogrammetry
    • structured-light imaging
  • human shape analytics
    • machine learning for human data analytics
    • real-time 3D human shape imaging
    • statistical shape modeling and anthropometry
  • image processing and understanding
    • applied deep learning
    • colour/shape modeling
    • mobile systems data processing
    • sensor fusion
  • simulation
    • data-driven visual and physical simulation
  • processing and visualization of large datasets
    • applied augmented and virtual reality
    • tera-scale data processing and real-time remote visualization and analysis

We apply our expertise to:

  • manufacturing: industrial imaging and quality control, automation, guided assembly, process control, reverse engineering, and 3D modeling
  • aerospace: inspection, manufacturing, and airborne systems data processing
  • security: design of personal protective equipment, human activity tracking, and military imaging
  • health: biometrics, ergonomics, diagnostics, monitoring, and treatment and rehabilitation
  • entertainment: augmented and virtual reality

Software and applications

  • Atelier3D: generic remote visualization and analysis of tera-scale sensor datasets currently developed for geospatial, neuroscience, and industrial applications.
  • Sensair: simulation of airborne imaging systems, data acquisition mission planning, imaging system design, and 3D reconstruction for passive sensor datasets.

Why work with us

Pioneers in the field of 3D imaging, our 20-year track record includes high-profile successes such as developing imaging systems for the Canadian space program and creating the first high-resolution archival-quality 3D digital model of the Mona Lisa. Our collaborators appreciate our ability to develop integrated solutions that cover the entire 3D imaging pipeline, and our ability to combine scientific rigour with an understanding of their practical operations, goals and needs.

Selected Patents

Team members

  • Boisvert, Jonathan
  • Dicaire, Louis-Guy
  • Djupkep Dizeu, Frank Billy
  • Drouin, Marc-Antoine
  • Godin, Guy
  • Kunz, Manuela
  • Massicotte, Philippe
  • Orth, Antony
  • Peters, Shawn
  • Picard, Michel
  • Seoud, Lama
  • Sekkati, Hicham
  • Shu, Chang
  • Stewart, Terrence (Terry)
  • Xi, Pengcheng


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Jonathan Boisvert
Team Leader, Computer Vision and Graphics
Telephone: 613-993-6300