Composite structures development, manufacturing, and performance

Technical service highlights

NRC supports the development and demonstration of new composite materials and technologies which will make aircraft lighter, stronger and greener, as well as more reliable and easier to maintain.

What we offer

We develop, advance and demonstrate state-of-the-art aerospace manufacturing technologies that can potentially reduce costs while maintaining high levels of quality, reliability and performance. We support next-generation manufacturing and maintenance by carrying out research in the following areas to develop and perfect applications of composite materials:

  • Composite and hybrid materials: We evaluate and carry out process development of thermosetting and thermoplastic polymer matrix composites, hybrid polymer composite/metallic materials (fibre-metal laminates), high-temperature resins, ceramic and multifunctional components and structures for airframe, engine and armour applications.
  • Composite performance: We have extensive knowledge of composite material/structure design and performance assessment. We assess the durability of composite materials and structures and have developed modeling capabilities that can simulate the processing of composite structures and repairs. NRC also houses a wide range of mechanical test equipment and of material process/thermal characterization equipment.
  • Liquid composite moulding technologies: We offer expertise and facilities for projects involving the use of liquid composite moulding technologies to fabricate composite aerospace parts.
  • Automated fibre placement: We are actively pursuing improved, more-efficient methods for automated fibre placement. The technology is best suited for the production of medium to large-sized parts with moderate to high degrees of curvature and a high level of structural integration.
  • Composite joining and assembly: We are developing new, rapid, reliable, and cost-effective thermoset and thermoplastic composite joining and assembly techniques that will improve or replace traditional methods and reduce overall manufacturing costs. Areas of particular interest are adhesive bonding, for both new structure manufacture and for repair and resistance welding, a new technology for joining large thermoplastic composite parts in a continuous manner.
  • Biocomposites: We are working to develop industrial biomaterials derived from biomass such as wood, lignin and agricultural fibers and to develop flexible, high-throughput and cost-effective manufacturing processes to bring biocomposites to market.

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Our technical experts support clients with the development, advancement and demonstration of cutting-edge technologies that have the potential for significant cost-savings while maintaining high levels of quality, reliability and performance.

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