Cell technology and tissue culture services

Technical service highlights

Located in Saskatoon, NRC offers plant cell and tissue culture methodologies to help your plant breeding activities and research initiatives. Our facility has over 10,000 square feet of plant growth area in combination of green house, tissue culture, growth chambers and secure seed storage that are used to benefit propagation, plant improvement and commercial research.

What we offer

With our expertise in plant cell technologies, we can work with you to produce tissue culture-derived plants, perform proof-of-concept experiments and develop tissue culture protocols. Our strengths encompass doubled haploidy, transformation, suspension cultures, somatic embryogenesis, in vitro selection, micropropagation and regeneration. These tissue culture technologies can enhance your plant breeding or research program by accelerating the development of new varieties, achieving homozygosity or propagating desirable genotypes, and can be used for basic research or practical application.

Why work with us

NRC has a history of plant cell and tissue culture research with expertise in a range of species. This practice has continued with leading-edge labs run by experts. We work with small and large plant breeding companies and organizations conducting basic research.


We offer specialized services at competitive rates, which include the support of scientific and technical experts and full range of analytical capabilities. We also offer the opportunity for collaboration and/or for our partners to co-locate with us. Contact us to take advantage of our Canada-wide networking, research and development, as well as business development opportunities.

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Would you like to know more about cell technology and tissue culture services? If so, contact us:

Business Related Inquiries

Laurel O'Connor
Telephone: 306-975-4573
Email: Laurel.OConnor@nrc-cnrc.gc.ca

Technical Related Inquiries

Alison Ferrie
Telephone: 306-975-5993
Email: Alison.Ferrie@nrc-cnrc.gc.ca