Bioconversion and bioprocessing services

Technical service highlights

Available in Ottawa and Montréal, NRC's bioconversion and bioprocessing technologies and expertise can help you produce diversified and commercially viable products from biomass resources.

What we offer

Our established and custom technology platforms will assist you in developing biomass feedstocks while improving the efficiency and competitiveness of biotransformation processes. We can help you develop new value-added products to meet regulatory and market demands. Our technologies apply to a range of resources such as biomaterials, biofuels and biochemicals.

Our services include:

  • biomass development
  • characterization and profiling
  • extraction, isolation, amplification and purification technologies
  • total and semi-synthesis of compounds and polymers
  • chemical, biological and enzymatic biotransformation
  • large and small-scale recombinant protein production and purification
  • bacterial profiling
  • strain selection
  • characterization and culture for fermentation scale-up
  • microbial metabolic engineering
  • pilot-scale microbial fermentation technology

Why work with us

We have a history of success within bio-based industries. Access our unique infrastructure and multi-disciplinary research expertise in biochemistry, microbiology, bioprocessing and engineering through a single point of contact.


We offer specialized services at competitive rates, which include the support of scientific and technical experts and full range of analytical capabilities. We also offer the opportunity for collaboration and for our partners to co-locate with us. Contact us to take advantage of our research and development network, as well as business development opportunities across Canada.

Contact us

Would you like to know more about bioconversion and bioprocessing services? If so, contact us:

Business Related Inquiries

Laurel O’Connor
Telephone: 306-975-4573

Technical Related Inquiries

James Johnston
Telephone: 902-393-7344