Rail vehicle impact ramp research facility

When in freight yards and on railway lines across North America, rail vehicles are frequently subjected to considerable strain when they experience longitudinal impact forces that are measured in hundreds of thousands of pounds.

To ensure that cars and their cargo can withstand these stresses, the NRC offers a rail vehicle impact ramp with over a hundred channels of instrumentation to test, certify and improve performance.

Our capabilities

Unique in Canada, the facility is certified by the Association of American Railroads (AAR) and uses a tow-car to place rail vehicles at predetermined locations on the ramp to achieve the desired impact speeds or forces when impacting into stationary anvil cars on the level track at the bottom of the ramp.

It can be used to perform impact tests for a variety of certification specifications, verifying design specifications, and conducting rolling squeeze tests.

Tests are conducted at speeds up to 16 miles/hour (25 km/h ) and deceleration forces of up to 4 g .

Why work with us

The facility is one of few accredited by the Association of American Railroads to certify rolling stock and prototypes.

In addition to testing the strength and integrity of the rail vehicle itself, the facility tests load securement devices and lading containment. Specifically, we offer testing for:

  • military cargo systems
  • intermodal container cars
  • automobile carriers
  • tank containers ( SRS )

Testing your rail vehicles, containers and cargo systems on our rail vehicle impact ramp makes them perform better, last longer and meet safety standards on the rails.

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Contact us

Jason Pierosara,
Business Development Officer
Telephone: 613-998-9378
Email: Jason.Pierosara@nrc-cnrc.gc.ca


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