Printable electronics lab for security applications

The NRC's printable electronics lab in Boucherville, Quebec is focused on security printing applications that use innovative, interactive optical features. Our technology enables visually stunning effects in next-generation security documents such as national currencies, passports, ID cards, government certificates, cheques and authentication labels.

Our capabilities

The NRC's Boucherville facility provides world-class expertise in automated nano imprinting and nano embossing.

We offer advanced optical, microfluidic and electromagnetic functionalities using high-speed automated imprinting, ultra-violet curing, and hot-embossing.

Our track record of success includes nano imprint lithography (NIL), a way of inexpensively manufacturing miniature devices critical to the production process for applications in areas such as medicine and environmental science.

Why work with us

NRC clients and partners have access to our unique expertise in materials, processes and devices, and our state-of-the-art equipment, some of which is not available anywhere else in North America.

Our team of experienced, interdisciplinary commercial and scientific staff can help bring your new PE-enabled products and processes to market faster!