Data Analytics Centre research facility

The NRC's Data Analytics Centre brings together experts in artificial intelligence (AI), data science and machine learning, state‑of‑the‑art algorithms, and powerful computing clusters to analyze big data from science and industry.

We work with private‑ and public‑sectors organizations to help them extract the most strategic value from their data. We can discover patterns and trends in the data, provide explanations, and make predictions to create actionable insight to help you support your business decisions.

No matter at what stage of analytic adoption or maturity your organization is, our domain experts work with you to develop AI that will generate evidence‑based value to support your organization's objectives.

Our capabilities

Ever wondered what your data is hiding? Our analytics services can unlock its potential.

  • Exploratory data analysis: definition of objectives, work plan and feasibility studies to maximize business value
  • Modelling and prediction: multivariate statistics, machine learning, data mining and pattern recognition
  • Visualization and decision support
  • Internet of things (IoT) and big data analysis
  • High‑performance computing (HPC)
  • Organizational data strategies and AI consultation services

Who we work with

Industry sectors and featured projects

  • Agriculture and livestock: Quenching winemakers' thirst for canopy knowledge with AI; predicting milk production
  • Health: AI‑assisted diagnosis and prognosis of COVID‑19 using medical images (COVID‑Net)
  • Industry 4.0: Gleaning data from legacy equipment
  • Infrastructure and transportation: Internet of things train model; analyzing traffic for the ports of Montreal and Vancouver; prioritizing road maintenance
  • Process efficiency: Predicting drug shortages for pharmacies; using alternative data sources to monitor tourism in real time

Facilities and equipment

  • Computation room (the Bridge): secure, temperature‑controlled cluster with optimized energy supply and backup. High‑performance computing (HPC) research equipment with graphical processing unit (GPU) capabilities that can be configured/reconfigured
  • Visualization room (HoloDAC): modern, interactive dashboards on a large display wall with 4 55‑inch monitors
  • Artificial intelligence of things (AIoT): room with a model train used as a demonstration platform. Enables clients to quickly grasp abstract concepts. Features proof of concepts where use cases are displayed. Can be used to test the latest AI, IoT, cybersecurity, big‑data and edge‑analytics technologies.

Datasets and software

Our team

  • Stéphane Tremblay, Team Leader, Data Analytics Centre
  • Yvan Gauthier, AI Accelerator for the Government of Canada
  • Patrick Paul, Systems Architect
  • Ashkan Ebadi, Researcher, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Bruce Spenser, Researcher, IoT
  • Hilda Azimi, Researcher, Signal Processing
  • Koray Karabina, Researcher, Cybersecurity
  • Marvin Zaluski, Data Scientist
  • Raman Pall, Senior Data Scientist
  • Sofia Auer, Data Scientist
  • Son Luong, Data Scientist
  • Tyson Mitchell, Data Scientist
  • Pierre Charron, Business Development


Each year we welcome students who bring unique talents to the Data Analytics Centre. Contact us to find out how you can try out fresh ideas in semi‑industrial settings under expert NRC guidance.

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Contact us

Pierre Charron, Business Development Officer
Telephone: 613-990-0336

Marie-Frédérique Biron, Business Development Officer

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