Biologics Manufacturing Centre – Consultation and project advisory board



The NRC consulted with stakeholders in the biomanufacturing sector in fall 2020 to gather valuable input into future plans for the centre, including its eventual operation as a public-private partnership and the process for securing an organization to operate it.

These stakeholder consultations will help inform the NRC in developing the governance and operational model for the Biologics Manufacturing Centre, and ensure it adheres to industry best practices, and ultimately provides the maximum benefit to Canadians.

The consultation included representatives from a range of organizations in the biomanufacturing sector, such as contract manufacturing organizations, contract development and manufacturing organizations, biopharmaceutical companies and academia.

Biologics Manufacturing Centre project advisory board

The NRC established a project advisory board comprised of technical, business and other experts from industry and academia, who provide independent strategic and practical insights on the operationalization and transition of the Biologics Manufacturing Centre to a future governance and operational model.