Simulation and digital health

The video highlights the research activities of the NRC’s Medical Devices Research Centre in the area of simulation and digital health. Our activities in the computer simulation of the various medical tasks performed by doctors and other health professionals focus on the development of computer simulations that reproduce the sights, sound and tactile feeling of performing surgery. These simulations are founded on physics-based models, they are used to help train medical professionals and they run on portable and affordable platforms.

Our activities in the use of extended reality (xR) technology to help patients suffering from cognitive difficulties focus on neuropsychology-based, multisensorial interactive exercises.They immerse patients in a virtual world and are aimed to be self-applied by the patients.

Our activities in computer-assisted remote care are based on the creation of artificial intelligence-driven virtual assistants to help diagnose and treat patients living in remote communities or at a distance from their health care professional.

Simulation and digital health - Transcript

On screen: Medical Devices Research Centre
Simulation and Digital Health

On screen: Medical task simulation

On screen: High-resolution simulation

On screen: Affordable physics-based simulation

On screen: Idea to market: CAE Healthcare NeuroVR surgical simulator

On screen: xR Cognitive Care

On screen: Personalized exercises for assessment and remediation/management of cognitive functions

On screen: Patient interacting with intelligent avatar

On screen: Interactive remote care

On screen: Software for medical task training management

On screen: Software for remote healthcare delivery

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