NRC directory of science professionals

This directory lists some of the NRC’s talented researchers and professionals. Click on the names to view their profiles and learn more about their projects, their passions, and their contributions in advancing science and technology for Canadians.

Barry Wood
Expertise: Sciences, Electricity and Magnetism, Metrology, Mass and related quantities
Chase Sun
Technical Officer, Nanoparticle Diagnostics
Expertise: Information Technology, Electronics, Sensors, Sciences, Metrology, Photometry and Radiometry, Technology, Prototyping
Associate Research Officer
Expertise: Sciences, Metrology, Length
Senior Research Officer
Expertise: Sciences, Metrology, Acoustics, Ultrasound and Vibration
Timothy (Tim) Sipkens
Assistant Research Officer
Expertise: Energy, Air Emissions, Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Reduction, Health, Environment and Human Health, Public Health, Infectious diseases, Materials, Nanomaterials, Sciences, Metrology, Transportation, Aviation