Marzieh Riahinezhad


Roles and responsibilities

Chemical engineer with expertise in polymer science and engineering focusing on research related to development of polymer-based building envelope materials, evaluation of construction product performance and assessment of aging and durability of polymeric materials used in construction industry.

Current research and/or projects

  • Project manager and technical co-lead for performance assessment of air barrier system components
  • Project manager and technical lead for durability assessment of polymeric building envelope materials
  • Project manager and technical lead for nano-engineered films for low emissivity applications
  • Technical co-lead for assessing the alkali resistance of construction sealants
  • Technical co-lead for performance evaluation of portable water tank coatings in icebreaking ships


  • Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, Institute for Polymer Research, Chemical Engineering Department, University of Waterloo (2015)
  • M.Sc., Polymer Engineering, Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute (2009)
  • B.Sc., Polymer Engineering, Azad University, Science and Research Branch (2007)

Professional activities/interests

  • Committee member at ASTM International, Committee G03 on weathering and durability
  • Mentor/supervisor of students at National Research Council Canada


  • Professional Engineers Ontario
  • Project Management Institute
  • Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering
  • ASTM International (G03 Committee member)


  • Value for Canada Award, Construction Research Center, National Research Council Canada (2019)
  • Chemical Engineering Medal for Proficiency in Research (Park Reilly Medal), University of Waterloo, Canada (2016)
  • Best PhD Dissertation of the Year in Oil and Energy (finalist among over 500 submissions worldwide), ADIPEC Awards Ceremony and Conference, Abu Dhabi, UAE (2015)
  • Certificate in University Teaching Award, Centre for Teaching Excellence, University of Waterloo, Canada (2015)
  • Merit Scholarship Award, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Waterloo, Canada (2015)
  • IPR Award for Academic Excellence in Polymer Science/Engineering, Institute for Polymer Research, University of Waterloo, Canada (2015)
  • Doctoral Thesis Writing Award, University of Waterloo, Canada (2014)
  • Merit Scholarship Award, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Waterloo, Canada (2013)
  • International Doctoral Student Award, Waterloo, Canada (2011)
  • Provost Doctoral Entrance Award for Women in Engineering, Waterloo, Canada (2011)
  • Excellence Award: Selected as the Best Student in Science and Engineering, Azad University, Science and Research Branch, Iran (2004)



  • Professional Engineer (PEng)
  • Project Management Professional (PMP)


  • Confined Space Awareness and Entry (Auspice Safety Inc.)
  • Managing Projects (TwentyEighty Strategy Execution)
  • Risk Management (TwentyEighty Strategy Execution)
  • Comprehensive Project Management (Canadian Management Centre)
  • Fundamentals of Project Management (Mitacs Inc.)
  • Tools for Polymerization Troubleshooting: A case Study and Problem Solving Approach (University of Waterloo)

Key publications

  • Field Temperature and Moisture Loads from a Building Envelope as the Basis for Accelerated Aging of Barrier Membranes; Riahinezhad, Marzieh, Eve, Augusta; Armstrong, Marianne; Collins, Peter; Masson, J-F; Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering; 2019; DOI:
  • Adhesive Failure: The Case of a Member in Disguise; Riahinezhad, Marzieh; Collins, Peter; Masson, J-F; Interface Journal: Technical Journal of the International Institute of Building Enclosure Consultants, 2019.
  • Liquid-applied Air Barrier Systems for High-rise Buildings: NBC Requirements and Performance Testing; Masson, Jean- François; Lacasse, Michael, Di Lenardo, Bruno; Riahinezhad, Marzieh; Collins, Peter; Canadian Building Envelope Technology Symposium; Mississauga, Canada, 2018.
  • Analysis of Wall Exterior Temperature and Durability Data to Characterize Component Aging Conditions; Riahinezhad, Marzieh; Eve, Augusta; Armstrong, Marianne; Masson, Jean- François; CIB Symposium on Durability and Climate Change; Ottawa, Canada, 2018.
  • Condition Monitoring and Remaining Life Assessment of Polymeric Compounds in Nuclear Power Plants; Riahinezhad, Marzieh; Rouison, David; Ireland, Michelle; 68th Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering Conference; Toronto, Canada, 2018.
  • Ageing Management of Low Voltage Cables at Darlington Nuclear Station; Rouison, David; Riahinezhad, Marzieh; 11th International Conference on CANDU Maintenance and Nuclear Components; Toronto, Canada, 2017.
  • Failure Analysis of Polymeric Materials; Riahinezhad, Marzieh; Rouison, David; 67th Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering Conference; Edmonton, Canada. 2017.
  • How Can Material Characterization Support Cable Aging Management?; Riahinezhad, Marzieh; Rouison, David; 18th Environmental Degradation of Materials in Nuclear Power Systems - Water Reactors Conference, Portland, US, 2017.
  • Polymer Failure Analysis: A Problem-Solving Approach; Riahinezhad, Marzieh; Rouison, David; 66th Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering Conference, Quebec City, Canada, 2016.

Previous work experience

Polymer Engineer/Scientist; Kinectrics Inc.; Feb 2016 to May 2018

International experience and/or work

  • Polymer Engineer, Barez Industrial Group, Tehran, Iran, 2008-2011
  • Polymer Engineer, Razi Metallurgical Center, Tehran, Iran, 2007-2008
Marzieh Riahinezhad

Marzieh Riahinezhad

Assistant Research Officer
1200 Montreal Road
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0R6
Preferred language: English
Other(s): Persian
Telephone: 613-993-2433

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