Joey Sheff


Roles and responsibilities

I am a expert in structural proeomics. In this field I have fostered a passion for the application of biophysical tools to probe complex biological and therapeutic challenges, with a keen eye towards method development.

My main role as a research associate in the Human Health Therapeutics Division at the NRC is to build, adapt, innovate and apply our structural mass spectrometry toolbox for the study of emerging biotherapeutics.


B.Sc., Pharmacology, University of Alberta, 2011

Ph.D., Chemistry, University of Calgary, 2017


NRC Rising Star Award (Outstanding Achievement Award, 2020)

Key publications

Sheff, J.*, Ni, F.*, Wang, P., Xu, P., Arbour, M., Masson, L., Brunette, E., Kemmerich, K., Hill, Jennifer, Kelly, J., Stanimirovic, D. (2021) Defining the epitope of a transcytosis carrier single domain antibody specific for the the type 1 insuline-like growth factor receptor. Scientific Reports, 11:4284.

Sheff, J.*, Kelly, J., Robotham, A., Sulea, T., Malenfant, F., L’Abbé, Duchesne, M.m Pelletier, A., Acel, A., Parat, M., Gosselin, M., Wu, C., Fortin, Y., Baardsnes, J., van Faassen, H., Awerey, S., McDonald, P.C., Dedhar, S., Lenferink, A.E.G.  HDX-MS reveals three unique binding responses of mAbs directed to the catalytic domain of hCA-IX. Manuscript in preparation.

Schrag, J.D., Picard, M., Gaudreault, F., Gagnon, L.P., Baardsnes, J., Manenda, M.S., Sheff, J., Deprez, C., Baptista, C., Hogues, H., Kelly, J.F., Purisima, E.O., Shi, R., Sulea, T. (2019) Binding symmetry and surface flexibility mediate antbody self-association. mAbs,11(7): 1300-1318.

Ostan, N.K., Yu, R.H., Ng, D., Lai, C.C., Potgoutse, A.K., Sarpe, V., Hepburn, M., Sheff, J., Raval, S., Schriemer, D.C., Moraes, T.F. Schryvers, A.B. (2017) Lactoferrin binding protein B – a bi-functional bacterial receptor protein. PLoS Pathogens, 13(3):e1006244

Sheff, J., Farshidfar, F., Bathe, O., Kopciuk, K., Gentile, F., Tuszynski, J, Barakat, K., Schriemer, D. (2017) Novel Allosteric pathway of Eg5 regulation identified through multivariate statistical analysis of hydrogen-exchange mass spectrometry (HX-MS) ligand screening data. Molecular Cellular Proteomics, 16(3):428-437.

Sheff, J., Hepburn, M., Yu, Y., Lees-Miller, S.P., Schriemer, D.C. (2017) Nanospray HX-MS configuration for structural interrogation of large protein systems. Analyst, 142:904-910. Cover artwork, Issue 6.

Rey, M., Yang, M., Lee, L., Zhang, Z., Sheff, J., Sensen, C., Mrazek, H., Halada, P., Man, P., McCarville, J., Verdu E., Schriemer, D.C. (2016) Addressing proteolytic efficiency in enzymatic degradation therapy for celiac disease. Scientific Reports, 6:30980.

Sheff, J., and Schriemer, D.C. (2014) Towards standardizing deuterium content reporting in HX-MS. Anal. Chem. 86(24): 11962-5.

Sheff, J., Rey, M., Schriemer, D.C. (2013) Peptide-column interactions and their influence on back exchange rates in HDX-MS. J. Am. Soc. Mass. Spectrom. 24(7):1006-15.

Joey Sheff

Joey Sheff

Assistant Research Officer
Human Health Therapeutics
100 Sussex Drive
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0R6
Preferred language: English
Telephone: 613-993-6255

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