Behavioural competencies for Technology support: Client focus

Bringing excellence to internal or external clients by focusing efforts on discovering and meeting their needs.

Level 1

Responds to client requests

  • Meets client needs by effectively responding to requests.
  • Works to satisfy client and organizational expectations.
  • Remains professional, helpful and responsive to client needs.
  • Seeks clear understanding of client needs and outcomes.
  • Gains acceptance for ideas and solutions before proceeding to the next step.
  • Communicates in language that the client understands.
  • Consults the client in clarifying priorities.
  • Probes the client to ascertain needs.

Level 2

Builds positive client relations

  • Maintains ongoing communications and interaction with clients to anticipate and prevent potential problems.
  • Keeps clients up-to-date with information and decisions that affect them.
  • Never simply says "no", but presents alternatives that address client needs.
  • Balances client requests with other priorities (e.g. safety regulations).
  • Clearly represents risks and liabilities to client.
  • Seeks feedback about client satisfaction.
  • Works with clients to find points of compromise.
  • Works with clients to articulate needs, objectives and issues.
  • Clearly outlines and explains the benefits of proposed solutions.

Level 3

Evaluates and adapts to client needs

  • Identifies benefits for the clients and looks for ways to add value.
  • Looks for opportunities to save money or resources for client.
  • Adapts methods, schedules, equipment, products or solutions to meet client needs.
  • Responds to changes in project scope by re-negotiating deliverables, work plans, etc.
  • Knows how to distinguish client desire and client need in order to define realistic expectations.
  • Involves clients in assessing service, solutions or products to determine ways to improve service.