Certifications, evaluations and standards

Learn about how the NRC is contributing to Canadian research with advanced building codes, accurate time-keeping, precise instrument calibration and assessment, and carefully developed certified reference materials.

Codes Canada

Publications, including the National Building Code, National Fire Code, National Plumbing Code, and National Energy Code for Buildings

Canada's official time

Management and maintenance of the atomic clocks that keep time for Canada's telephone talking clock, CBC daily time broadcasts, computer time clocks, and internet servers

Canadian Construction Materials Centre

Evaluation and certification of innovative building construction materials, products, systems, and services

Calibration laboratory assessment service (CLAS)

System and technical assessment and certification of calibration laboratories' specific measurement capabilities

Certified reference materials

Biotoxin, inorganic, organic, and nanomaterial certified reference materials for use in sample testing and analysis

Instrument calibration services

Precision calibration of measurement equipment for acoustics, black carbon, electrical power, ionizing radiation, optical frequency and wavelength, and more

Canadian National Master Construction Specification (NMS)

Framework for writing construction project specifications