Use of the CCMC mark


As part of its code compliance assessment services, the Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CCMC) provides the assessment holder with a CCMC mark. The mark contains a CCMC number that links the product, label(s) and product literature to the published CCMC assessment. The CCMC has 2 different marks, one for evaluations and one for certifications:

CCMC evaluation mark

Used to identify products that have been evaluated using the CCMC's trusted evaluation process:

Examples of the CCMC mark used on evaluated products
Figure 1. Examples of the CCMC mark used on evaluated products.Footnote 1

CCMC certification mark

Used to identify products that have been certified using the CCMC's certification process, in accordance with the internationally recognized process prescribed in the standard, ISO/IEC 17065; Conformity assessment – Requirements for bodies certifying products, processes and services.

Examples of the CCMC mark used on certified products
Figure 2. Examples of the CCMC mark used on certified products.Footnote 1

Acceptable uses

CCMC marks are registered with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO). The marks may only be used on CCMC-assessed products when authorized by the CCMC and in accordance with the following guidelines:

CCMC marks must appear on:

  • the product or labels applied to the product
  • product literature, technical data sheets or other print publications
  • websites and other electronic media

The use of a CCMC mark must also meet the following requirements:

  • CCMC marks must only be used to represent a CCMC assessment, whether in print, electronic or other formats
  • CCMC marks must not be used as logos to refer to the general services of the CCMC unless specifically permitted by the CCMC
  • CCMC marks must not be used to imply a CCMC assessment where none exists, or to misrepresent the type or scope of an assessment
  • When used in technical data sheets or in product literature alongside information that does not form part of the referenced CCMC assessment, the non-assessed information must be clearly identified as such

Using a CCMC mark to misrepresent, confuse or mislead users or potential users may result in:

  • withdrawal of the CCMC-authorized use of the mark
  • withdrawal of the CCMC assessment
  • legal action initiated by the CCMC

To obtain a review of a proposed use of a CCMC mark, contact the CCMC at or 613-993-6189.

Image file format

CCMC marks are provided to clients in scalable vector graphic (SVG) format, which is used in vector-based images. Vector files are built from mathematically precise points, which means they can be scaled to any size without losing image quality.

The SVG file is the source file for your CCMC mark and can be used to create other image file types (JPEG, PNG, etc.). CCMC recommends using the SVG graphic format for your mark whenever possible, as other formats may produce low-resolution graphics that may be misleading or unclear.

Important: using low-resolution or otherwise blurry marks may be grounds for the withdrawal of a CCMC assessment.

See Table 1 for guidelines on choosing the best graphic format for your CCMC mark.

Table 1. Graphic format guidelines for CCMC marks

Graphic format Best for Supports image transparency? Adjust scale, without losing quality?
SVG Print Yes Yes
JPEG Web No No
PNG Web Yes No

Image colour requirements

CCMC marks should be used in the colours specified in Table 2. The text and background on the marks must be uniform in colour.

Table 2. Colour guidelines for CCMC marks

Colour Red Black White on black
CMYKFootnote 2 [0,100,100,35] [0,0,0,100] [0,0,0,0]
RGB [221,34,34] [0,0,0] [250,250,250]
HEXFootnote 2 #DD2222 #000000 #FFFFFF

Request a CCMC mark graphic

CCMC assessment holders can request a graphic of the CCMC mark in electronic format, which also includes their CCMC number. The graphic can be used on an evaluated product(s), labels, documents, print materials (such as product literature, technical data sheets or other print publications), websites and other electronic media, etc. Please note that use of the CCMC mark graphic is limited to the conditions outlined in the Acceptable Uses section above.

Request a CCMC mark graphic

Misuse of the CCMC mark

The control of a CCMC mark is important for the technical integrity of the CCMC and the health and safety of Canadians. If you suspect the fraudulent or incorrect use of a CCMC mark, it is important that you report the suspected misuse of the CCMC mark.