CCMC minimum documentation requirements

Table of contents

1.0 About this document

1.1 Audience

This document is written for the Canadian Construction Materials Centre's (CCMC) clients: product manufacturers, major component suppliers, and/or a Canadian distributor of a product.

1.2 Purpose

This document contains the CCMC minimum documentation requirements for a product for which CCMC assessment is being sought and/or has been obtained.

Required documentation includes:

  • a documented quality system
  • a set of detailed installation instructions
  • product labels, literature, and technical data sheets

2.0 About the CCMC assessment

2.1 What it signifies

A CCMC assessment is an established conformity assessment process that assures consumers, regulators, industry and other interested parties that assessed products conform to specified requirements.

In the context of the CCMC, this entails:

  • the protection of the health and safety of Canadians
  • the facilitation of trade and market access at a national and international level
  • the promotion of fair market competition and consumer acceptance

A CCMC assessment is an objective, evidence-based evaluation or certification of a product. It is an impartial, third-party attestation by the Government of Canada that the product conforms to the standard, or the national, provincial and/or territorial code(s) for the applicable intended function(s) when installed according to the client's CCMC-accepted installation requirements, limited to particular intended use(s) in buildings.

2.2 Eligibility

To be eligible for a CCMC assessment, the client must have:

  • a fully developed product or finalized prototype
  • a documented quality management system (see Section 3.1)
  • a documented installation manual (see Section 3.2)
  • a representative sample of the product for review by the CCMC

3.0 Required documentation

Upon applying to the CCMC for a product assessment, the following documents will be requested and must be submitted within 90 days of receipt of the application:

  • a documented quality system (meeting Section 3.1)
  • a set of detailed installation instructions (meeting Section 3.2)
  • product labels, literature, and technical data sheets (meeting Section 3.3)

3.1 Documented quality system

The documented quality system must contain the following information:

  • the name and location (street address) of the place of manufacture
  • a description of the company's quality policies, including quality control (QC) and quality assurance (QA)
  • the signature of the manufacturer's authorized officer and date of signature
  • a description of the provisions for keeping the quality manual current, e.g., updates and revisions
  • a manufacturing flowchart indicating points of QC and QA, complete with an explanation of the control at each point, the frequency of controls, and a summary of the manufacturing methods
  • a description of the manufacturing specifications and process tolerances
  • a list of manufacturer's specifications and QC arrangements for raw materials and equipment
  • the inputs to the manufacturing process(es) and their acceptance (i.e., raw materials, raw material suppliers, incoming material checks, a means to reject non-conforming incoming raw materials, etc.)
  • a list of main manufacturing equipment
  • the sequence and interaction of the manufacturing and quality control processes (i.e., their sequence, a description of the quality control checks employed, the intervals at which the checks are performed, a description of how non-conforming products are rejected, etc.)
  • a description of the criteria and methods (including monitoring, measurements required and related performance indicators) that are needed to ensure the effective operation and control of these processes
  • a description of the measuring equipment: the type, model, and range, their precision and accuracy, the frequency of calibration, any uncertainty associated with the instrument, and the name of the calibration laboratory
  • a description of the resources needed for these processes and the mechanism for ensuring their availability and competence (i.e., staff levels and training, equipment availability and maintenance, etc.)
  • reference to the person(s) who are authorized to perform the quality processes and procedures (used to ensure competence and control of access)
  • documentation of the development/rationale for the processes, limits, measurements, controls and/or indicators that have been established, and the evidence that demonstrates their implementation
  • a clear delineation of what constitutes major and minor defects
  • records that demonstrate the actions taken when non-conforming products are identified, or when processes are identified as non-conforming
  • a description of corrective measures for major and minor defects
  • a description of how product labelling requirements will be achieved, including a copy of the product label(s)
  • a statement by the client that the CCMC will be notified, in writing, when major deviations from specified requirements have been discovered

3.2 Product installation manual

A review of the product installation manual will be conducted to ensure that it:

  • does not contravene the National Building Code of Canada, Provincial/Territorial Codes or other supporting standards
  • can be used as educational material for installers and product users. The manual must be identified with a reference number and/or an issue date

The product installation manual must include the following information:

  • detailed instructions of all the steps involved in the installation of the system
  • a description of the tools and equipment required to install the system
  • detailed drawings of the system and all accessories
  • a description of the connectors and fasteners used
  • a description of storage and handling procedures, including precautions
  • a description of on-site QC
  • a description of the health and safety safeguards in place for workers
  • any other information the client deems pertinent to the installation

Documented procedures for maintaining the product installation manual, including version control, must be included in the client's quality management system.

3.3 Product labelling

In accordance with the use of the CCMC mark, documented procedures for labeling on finished products must include details of how the product will be identified with a reference to the CCMC mark.

The mark, which includes a unique five digit number, must be both visible and legible. Where permanently identifying a product is not possible, other methods of identification will be allowed at the discretion of the CCMC. The method and form used to identify the product must be reviewed and approved by the CCMC.